Friday, July 21, 2017

Man, It's a Hot One

If you've been in Northeastern Oklahoma for the last week you know we're in the midst of blazing summer. 101 in the shade, as they say, and humid enough to cause condensation on those windows of folks who are lucky enough to have air conditioning. I saw an ambulance in front of a house down the street that only has window air units and I wasn't surprised.

It makes me think of the most ancient United States folk music, the stuff from way up in the mountains. Appalachia is home to the most wailing, honest, raw, and real music you'll find in these 50 states. The closest I've ever come in person is a hillbilly gathering that went on late into the evening, with mama finally being coaxed into singing "Summertime" to the deep satisfaction of everyone in the little house - every age, every class, every gender, didn't matter. Everyone loved the music.

Here's one that'll give you a feel for it: "Red Rocking Chair"

Friday, July 7, 2017

Been a week...

...of really weird stuff.  Some good, some bad, some with friends struggling, some just us plugging one foot in front of the other.

Then I sit down and put BB on repeat.  I listen to him as he talks around Lucille, cuz that gent never talked over his girl (=

And sometimes it feels better.

Hope you agree.

And may next week be a damn sight kinder.